• Drew, Executive Writer

5 Secrets Of Writing A Professional CV - New Zealand-Style

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We all know that the purpose of a CV is to get you job interviews. Landing your dream job is not an easy task to accomplish, and it all starts with your CV as it's the first thing noticed about you by your future boss.

Believe it or not, your CV is your biggest career marketing tool, so why would you want it to be anything less than outstanding? Here are 5 key secrets of writing a professional CV that can really "sell" you to Kiwi employers.

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#1. Ditch The Objective Statement

Why? Because it’s outdated, it's dull and it doesn't help you stand out from the pack. Instead, use a powerful executive summary (a.k.a career summary) on the first page that tells prospective employers who you are and what you can bring to the table.

#2. Skills-focused or Work-focused CV

Choose a work-focused CV if you're changing to a similar job or wish to progress to a higher level role, or consider having a skills-focused CV if your work history doesn’t appear appropriate for your target job. It is imperative that you select the right format for your CV if your aim is to be in the pool of top-choice candidates.

#3. Provide Quantifiable Achievements

Hiring managers love to see measurable achievements on a CV, so instead of just saying: "I increased yearly sales", you should state something along the lines of: "Increased product sales by 35% for the year 2020 by creating and implementing groundbreaking sales techniques".

#4. Keep it Clear and Concise

Recruiters and hiring officials often screen hundreds of CVs for each job opening, so they may simply not have ample time to read your entire CV. It is best to keep your CV short and succinct - you don't have to list every job or course you've done.

#5. Include Overseas Employer Information

Let's say you've come from overseas to find work in New Zealand. Now you may have worked for an employer in your home country that was well-known locally, but Kiwi employers may not be familiar with your ex-employer, so it would make sense to include a short description of your ex-employer indicating their industry, size and location.


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