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About us | Career Care NZ

About us | Career Care NZ

Who We Are

A seasoned team of master wordsmiths and career experts with a steady finger on the pulse of the CV writing industry. Our writers come from recruitment and HR backgrounds, and are well-versed in crafting interview-winning CVs.

What We Do

We mainly provide CV writing services to market our clients' careers as brands, empowering them to gain a competitive edge over other qualified candidates in their job search. Other services we offer include personal branding and digital marketing for small businesses.

Who We Work With

We work with professionals at all career levels — including ambitious C-suite executives across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & beyond from a range of industries such as Banking, Retail, Sales, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, Hospitality, ICT, and so on.

We Market Your Skills To New Zealand Employers And Help You Get Noticed By Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Our Core Values

Transparency breeds trust — we are reliable, we are honest, and we are known to be transparent with our clients.

Words CAN speak louder than actions — our talented team of writers and career marketing gurus have demonstrated this numerous times.

Nothing is perfect in this world! There is always room for improvement — that's what we have learned on our long and inspiring journey to success.

Career Care NZ - How we work

Helping You Advance Your Career

How We Work

Our process is easy and one-of-a-kind — we work online (via email and phone) with people across New Zealand and overseas. Operating online allows us to work more efficiently with clients and keep our costs low, which makes our services more affordable & widely accessible.

What Sets Us Apart

Our writers leverage a unique collaborative approach to get to the heart of your USP to create authentic and value-based CVs that demonstrate your value to prospective employers.

Why Hire Us

We are an authentic service trusted by many professionals across New Zealand and overseas. With experience writing CVs for clients in 38+ career fields and industries, our writers have empowered countless clients to secure job interviews with some of New Zealand's most reputable and successful organisations over the years.

Our Code of Ethics

Deliver to the client what is promised and be truthful in guiding, advising and counselling clients in all aspects of the resume writing industry.

Stay abreast of the market and the latest hiring & recruitment trends, and provide up-to-date advice and guidance to clients.

Always keep current with the modern resume formats, styles, layouts, and trends within the industry in order to best serve the clients.

Maintain strict confidentiality when dealing with clients, and reveal client information to any third party only upon receiving written authorisation by the client.

Comply with all legal obligations when providing professional services to clients.