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Our CV Writing Packages Include:

✪ Direct Collaboration with an NZ-Based Executive Writer

✪ No Offshore Outsourcing Guarantee

✪ Happy Client Guarantee

✪ Fast Turnaround

✪ Unlimited Document Revisions

✪ Editable Word Documents

✪ Document Proofreading

✪ Expert Advice


A short yet powerful eBook for busy professionals.


A professionally written CV can help you land lots of interviews, but landing job interviews is only half the battle. To get the job you really want, you must be able to convert those job interviews into job offers.

Whether you are an entry-level professional, a C-level executive, or somewhere in between, this powerful eBook can help you ace your job interviews and put you miles ahead of the competition.

The eBook includes top 15 interview questions with tried & tested answers, proven strategies for answering behavioural questions using the STAR method of storytelling, example of a counter-offer email to use when negotiating salary, and so much more!

We are the ONLY CV writing service in New Zealand that provides practical, comprehensive advice on how to ace your job interviews, win more job offers and negotiate a better salary!


Our prices depend on your career level

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Entry-Level: For graduates and students with less than 2 years of total work experience.

Junior-Level: For rising professionals with up to 10 years of total work experience.

Mid-Level: For supervisors, managers and people with over 10 years of total work experience.

Senior-Level: For Senior Executives, C-Suite Leaders, Directors, VPs, GMs, etc.​