• Drew, Executive Writer

Curriculum Vitae – Deciding Your First Impression

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

A professionally written CV

Among the several things that matter for landing the perfect job, your CV holds the utmost importance. It is the first noticeable thing about you, for the employer. A well-crafted CV can significantly increase your odds of success in your job search.

Read on to learn more about how a well-written CV can enhance your chances of landing the role you have always desired.

Positive First Impression

Since your CV is the first communication channel between you and your prospect employer, it is solely responsible for creating your first impression. A CV should be written in the most compelling way to leave the perfect and lasting impression on hiring officials.

Appearance Matters

Not many job seekers pay attention to it, but the appearance of a CV does matter a lot. Create your CV by using professional fonts, leave adequate margins on both sides, use proper line spacing and justification so as to get the perfect look. A CV that has all the right elements will surely help the candidate stand out.

Creating Value

Your CV's objective should be to demonstrate your value to potential employers. It should clearly focus on your overall experience and core strengths so that prospective employers get an idea about your capabilities. An expertly crafted CV can make it super easy for recruiters and hiring managers to know what value you can offer them.

Securing More Interviews

Applying for numerous jobs by sending out your CV and receiving no interviews is a sure sign that your CV is not catching the eye of the people that it needs to. A poorly crafted CV will only hide the talents that you have to offer and a well-written CV can save you from disappointment and get you significantly more number of job interviews.


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